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Autism Treatment

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Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) teaches parents how to engage with their child on his or her level and focuses on rebuilding the structure of the parent-child relationship. Often children with autism have missed the natural engaging moments with a trusted parent that led them to understand how to interact with the world. The RDI process helps the child expand their independent thinking, which allows them to develop skills in social thinking, problem solving, and real world communication. Though RDI benefits the individual child long term, it is designed as a remediation for the whole family, thus bringing normalcy and unity to the home.



I grew up in South Dakota and after serving in the Air Force for four years, I resided in Idaho. There I met my wife and moved to Sacramento, CA where I finished my Bachelor's in Child Development. We moved to Utah to start our family of four children. I attended the University of Utah where I completed my Master's in Special Education and have been teaching for over nine years. In 2012, I attended a RDI training program in Houston, TX and was certified in 2014.  I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with families and watch them grow together.



Once in the program, your therapist will guide you to develop a personalized program that will allow them to engage in meaningful activities with their family. You will be taught strategies on setting limits, communication, and engagement. The family should feel a new connection and develop a trust that will help give confidence for everyone. Your therapist will support you on your journey through your child’s education experience as well.  Whether in the home or in the school, your family will benefit from your personalized RDI program.



Based on a family education model, services are considerably cheaper than most other programs. 
Basic packages start around $300 per month.



Video link:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=62&v=cVWLokbNyIg



Eric Karst  M.Ed.

Serving families in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho