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Center for Christian Therapy
2469 E. Fort Union Blvd #206
Call or Text 801-747-9857

You have taken an important step in taking care of yourself and your family. If you are seeking therapy, we can help.  Whether it is for an individual, couple, or family, we strive to provide a safe place with well-trained therapists to meet your needs.


Marriage and Family Counseling: Develop close relationships with your spouse and kids NOW!  You cannot afford to wait for weeks and months to get your kids and marriage on track.  Our unique treatment plan for families offers support for the whole family.  

We also have marriage counselors who are experts in helping couples save and improve their marriages.  Jennifer Squire is a marriage therapist who specializes in using Emotionally Focused Therapy which is backed by extensive research that shows that 90% of couples find much greater satisfaction in their marriage than ever before.  Watch an interview with Scott Wooley to find out more about what EFT is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsYntOvTmlA. You will learn to alter repetitive and negative cycles of responding to one another; ultimately helping you rediscover lasting, dynamic change.

Individuals: Improve your relationship patterns and impact your future!  Kelly Seim is a counselor who has helped countless people get their relationships on track.  Too many young people have develped a way of relating that lead to a sense of disconnect and loneliness.  Through therapy, many people have experienced healing made changes that will impact the rest of their lives.   We also are trained to do grief counseling, stress management, and career counseling as well as treat depression and anxiety.

If you are single READ "Seven keys to a Life Long Love."    If you are tryng to start your marriage on the right track read these "Important Steps to Good Communication"

Children:  Amy Russell specializes in treating children with special needs such as Asbergers, Autism, and kids with learning disorders.  She also does psychological evaluations with children.

Psychological Testing:  Psychological Testing with Nancy Henry is available.

Autism Treatment:   Eric Karst helps families with autism spectrum disorder and building confidence and trust.


Clients who are seeking Christian counseling will be prayed for and encouraged in developing their own relationship with God.
"I feel much more positive and hopeful after our sessions"
"I know our marriage would have ended if we hadn't come to counseling.  We actually enjoy being together and we understand each other better"
"I never believed that counseling could work until now"

See to it that no one misses the grace of God  
Hebrews 12:15

2469 E. Fort Union Blvd #206 (7000 S.)
Located on the 2nd floor of the Hillside Business Plaza
Close to I-215 and Highland Drive
Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake City, Utah